Outdoor Weatherproof, Insulated, Heated Cat House

The weather can get pretty brutal for our outside pets.  They CAN be protected from the cold and wet or even hot and dry effects of the changes in the weather, with a weatherproof, insulated cedar cat house.   The cedar construction resists mold and bugs, including fleas and ticks.  The insulation resists cold and hot temperatures.  A low wattage heating pad can be added to keep the cat’s bed at the normal body temperature of the cat, without overheating or being a hazard.

Protecting your outside cat or the feral cat(s) you feed can save their life.  Cats who get along well, will huddle together in the cold weather.  A dry, protected place, in your yard or on your deck, will be   welcomed by your furry friends.

If you don’t have a convenient electrical plug, near the outside cat house, a self-heating pad will do the trick.  These respond to and reflect back the cat’s own body heat, allowing the cat to remain warm and comfortable.  Old towels or small blankets, inside the house, add to the warm and comfy “nest”.

At least two doors should be provided in any cat house, to allow an escape route to your cat, in the event of a predator entering the house.

To entice your cat to a new cedar cat house, a few treats sprinkled inside or some catnip spray on the bedding can help to welcome a reluctant cat.

The right outside cat house can be attractive and enhance, rather than detract from, your backyard or deck.  Find the right one for you and for your cat at www.KittyStoreOnline.com/OUTDOOR_CAT_HOUSES.

Outdoor Weatherproof, Insulated, Heated Cat House

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