Outdoor Cat Shelters

Outdoor Cat Shelters

Do you have a neighborhood cat or cats you feed?  Do you ever wonder where that cat goes for shelter from the cold, the rain, the snow or even the heat?  Do you wish you could provide shelter or keep them safe?  

There are many outdoor cat houses on the market today.  Most are built out of cedar, a long lasting wood that also repels insects (like fleas).  It weathers nicely and can protect the cat or cats from the cold, the heat, the rain, sleet and snow.  These are available with insulation that makes them warmer in winter and cooler in summer.  Most are available with or without that insulation.  Available options include the Under Cover Pet Houses and the Touchstone Cat Shelters.

Another choice is the Kitty Tube, constructed of post consumer content, consisting of recycled milk and detergent bottles. The Kitty Tube is an extremely green product and almost indestructible.

All are built to withstand the summer sun and the bitter cold of winter.  You can even add a thermostatically controlled heated pad that will only warm to the cats normal body temperature and never overheat.  These also have chew proof cords. 

Many options are available to suit your needs, or more specifically, to suit your cat’s needs.  It may be important, to you, that the house be attractive in your yard.  Or, it may be more important that it is up, off the ground, away from animals who might harm your cat.

There are even “luxury cat houses”.   A few examples are the Kitty Mansion, the Barn Cat – Cat House and the Room With A View.  These are especially aesthetically pleasing.

Around for a long time, and still popular, is the Katkabin.   All versions of the KatKabin® are available in a beautiful range of colors that can either blend in or stand out in your garden, outdoor area or home. Wherever you choose to put yours, this certainly is one cat house which will make a stunning design statement!

Outdoor Cat Shelters